Make the oceans cleaner

The MARAMIKO brand belongs to a small socially responsible company MB Jūros draugas (Sea Friend in English or Mara Amiko in Esperanto) which is owned by two friends Ieva and Rasa. We design and produce multifunctional beach bags - rugs made from upcycled marine plastics or recycled polyester. We offer a multifunctional and practical bag which transforms into a comfortable beach rug. Designed and manufactured to minimize the CO2 footprint by using less raw materials whilst being aesthetically pleasing and immensely practical. Once back from the coast our products also take up less valuable space at home. We strongly believe in sustainability and strive to contribute to a truly circular economy whilst creating products that match the splendor of our coastal areas and help educate people about the ocean pollution. 

Both of us have different professional experience in real estate, science, consulting and marketing, but we share the same passion for the sea and a deep concern for our planets’ future. Our story began in 2021, when Ieva was studying at Vilnius Academy of Arts and had to create a sustainable item as a home assignment. Love of the seaside and awareness of the damage of fast fashion production led to the idea of creating a comfortable, impeccably designed, and multifunctional bag-rug which was warmly embraced by the lecturers. That was very start of MARAMIKO. Living close to the Baltic Coast, we were well aware how much polluted it was - the youngest sea in the world it is also the most polluted one in our planet. As sustainability and initiatives to clean the oceans and coastal regions were always in line with our personal values, it was just a matter of time before we started looking for innovative fabrics for our bag production. This was when we found out about the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. In addition we took part in Climate-KIC and TechHub by MITA Accelerators - the point where our journey really began. 

We are also cooperating with innovative fabrics producer Lemar in Portugal, part of SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.